Below are the answers given by McClure in the Will Writing Survey, which you can use to compare to others.


How is your service delivered?

• Face to face – office
• Face to face – home visit
• Online / mobile
• Telephone

Service description
Free Wills for a voluntary donation for a charity of the clients choice. Free Will Reviews. £199 Lasting Powers of Attorney of which £30 is donated to charity. Anywhere in England, Wales and Scotland.

In what ways do you assess your clients’ mental capacity?
Consultants are trained to check carefully especially for any client over 70. Every case over 70 is signed off by a Director. If for older clients especially if over 70, any doubt, we get a doctors report or speak to the Matron of a care home. If still in doubt, we walk away. Consultants usually make a deliberate mistake in the age or dob and see if the client corrects it.

What processes do you follow to avoid undue influence?
For older clients, family members are asked to leave the room. If we suspect undue influence, we phone the client a few days later to confirm the instructions.

What do you offer as part of your will-writing service?
• Financial advice
• Legal advice
45% of free will clients instruct a Power of Attorney and 10% instruct a Family Protection Trust. We donate £500 from each FPT and £30 from each POA to charity.

To what extent are solicitors involved in your Will-writing service?
• Design
• Drafting
• Final check
• Instructions usually taken by trained, employed Consultants. Will production team managed by an Associate Solicitor. All wills checked by an Associate Solicitor or above.

To what extent are other qualified legal or financial professionals involved in your Will-writing service?
McClure is a Practice Partner of St James Place which is a Trusted Partner of The Telegraph. Our Financial Advisers are part of our IHT planning team. We service an average of 10 IHT clients each month.

How does your service deal with complex estates (such as those with own business or property abroad, or a trust)?
We combine the expertise of McClure Legal with the expertise of McClure Financial to service all clients from those with no assets to those with multi million pound estates and complex needs.

Do you prompt your clients to consider leaving gifts to a charity? If so, how?
Certainly. 28% of our free will clients leave a legacy for charity. These amount to over £30M pa. July achieved £3.2M. We put the legacy in perspective and suggest 99% for family and 1% for charity. With McClure clients can change their mind at any time as all of our Wills and updates are free.

What provision does your service make for secure Will storage or future access?
Will storage is offered free of charge. Stored securely off site, with easy retrieval.

How is your service delivery regulated?
• Solicitor Regulation Authority
• The Law Society of Scotland

What formal protection have you got in place for your clients, e.g. liability insurance for will-writing or provision of legal advice, please specify level of coverage?
McClure has been fully insured since 1853. Currently £3M cover.

Are you able to track impact and report on progress e.g. how many inquiries lead to Wills and how many include a charitable gift? How do you do it?
We track each appointment set, each appointment sat, each Will instructed, each Will attested, each donation, the value of each gift aid and each legacy. We send a monthly report to each charity for whom we have raised funds in the previous month whether a partner or not. Donations and legacies are recorded on our case management but only when the signed Will is received back fully attested.

How does your product deal with / identify complex Will structures e.g. where legacy is 2nd death contingent gift?
We don’t differentiate between simple and complex Wills. They are just Wills and all Wills are free. We only record legacies which will almost certainly result in payment to a charity. So all to spouse whom failing charity will count but all to spouse whom failing children whom also failing charity will not.

Are you able to determine customers demographic information e.g. an average age of your client?

If working with a partner charity, are you able to provide monthly activity reports?
We do this every month not only for partner charities but also for non partner charities. On average a total of about 200 charities – half partners and half not.