Why meeting YOU is so important to us

17 April 2018

Meeting likeminded people is one of the most fantastic parts of my job. Not only do I personally get to meet people who love animals and want to improve their welfare but I also have the privilege of connecting other people through this bond.

This is one of the many reasons I love meeting supporters of ‘Brooke,’ the charity I am lucky enough to work for. I believe in the importance of meeting people face to face, as this is so beneficial for both parties.

I am part of the legacy team and therefore understand that trust needs to be built between charity and supporter. Leaving a gift in your Will is such a personal gesture and I love being able to thank the incredible people who do this for Brooke.

The way in which Brooke are trying to open up the legacy conversation is through a programme of events we run throughout the year. These are held all around the UK and give the opportunity for people to ask questions to front line staff and the legacy team.

“I decided to remember the charity in my Will for two main reasons. Firstly, as someone who has enjoyed horses and riding for most of my life I was keen to try and help alleviate the real suffering that can result from animals having to work so hard for the benefit of humans.  Secondly, I have a concern about the inequalities that exist in the world and the social, economic and environmental problems encountered by many people struggling to survive in third world countries”.

Guest at a recent Brooke event at Beamish Museum

These events are very laid back and usually involve getting to meet an animal or two. There is also the opportunity to hear from our vets about their work in the country projects Brooke run. So it is not quite from the horse’s mouth but it is as close as we can get!

The event at Beamish Museum was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. This year we are running a campaign called ‘Every Horse Remembered’ and this focuses on the sacrifice so many equines made during WW1. This was the focus of the day at Beamish Museum as we had a talk from the Head of Operations about the role of working equines in WW1. This was absolutely fascinating and we met a lovely horse called Earl.

A huge 2/3rds of donations generously given to Brooke are from gift in Wills and we therefore rely on them to continue to fund the work we do: like giving donkeys like Chittoo a brighter future.

If you would like to find out more about leaving a gift in your Will to Brooke or attending an event please get in touch.

Harriet Langston, Senior Regional Legacy Officer at the Brooke