• July 2020

  • Music makes us feel better

    Life might feel like it has paused but, thankfully, music is still playing. As soon as the pandemic hit, we saw music bringing people together. From impromptu concerts held on balconies, to socially distant street choirs cheering up communities, music has played a vital role at this difficult time. Using music to stay positive  Ten-year-old […]

  • A second chance at life for Peter

    At just four days old, Peter was found by builders living under a shed, along with three other kittens. Tiny, fragile, covered in dirt, and with his umbilical cord still attached, he probably wouldn’t have survived much longer if he hadn’t been brought in to charity Wood Green. Peter’s mum was nowhere to be seen […]

  • The power of nature during lockdown

    With one tweet, Catherine captured how many of us feel about nature at this difficult time: “Spending time in nature for #BigWildSleepout helps me stay kind to myself. A cheeky squirrel has raised several smiles & I can’t help but laugh at the epic death stares I was getting from the dunnocks tonight!” Nature surprises […]

  • June 2020

  • Caring for carers during lockdown

    Nick, 52, is a retired policeman and the main carer for his two sons Alex and J-J, who are both diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome, Autism and ADHD. J-J, 24, is relatively independent and enjoys going to the gym and boxing classes. Alex, 22, is deeply shy and needs more support to build his independence […]

  • Love in a time of Covid-19

    James and Imogen were excited to meet each other for the first time after being paired together through dating service Luv2meetU. Then the pandemic struck. Luv2meetU is a friendship and dating service for people with learning disabilities provided by charity Hft. Before lockdown, James, 31, loved getting involved in the community and spent time volunteering […]

  • Lockdown litter of kittens

    What would you do if 11 kittens arrived on your doorstep? Luckily, Hayley knew exactly what to do. Hayley works for charity Here for Cats. She’s been busier than ever during lockdown, rescuing cats and taking them to the vets for checks, while social distancing and using PPE. Last month, 11 tiny kittens, along with […]

  • Supporting children like Elliott during Covid-19

    Elliott’s story Despite his hearing loss, Elliott is a happy, cheeky little boy, who can be shy to begin with, but will then chat for hours once comfortable. Elliott was diagnosed with hearing loss at just a few weeks old. With no previous history of hearing loss in his family, it came as a complete […]

  • May 2020

  • Helping to develop a Covid-19 vaccine

    Beating cancer remains Cancer Research UK’s priority – but the charity can’t fully focus on its mission until Covid-19 is behind us. That’s why Dr Alan Parker and his team, who are funded by Cancer Research UK, are helping to develop a vaccine. At Cardiff University, Dr Parker’s team normally examine how viruses destroy cancer […]

  • Living with sight loss in lockdown

    Dolly is 71 and has retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a sight condition where she can only see dark, light and movement. Living in lockdown would have been a struggle, but thanks to RNIB’s support, Dolly continues to lead an active and fulfilled life, doing the things she loves. Ordinarily, Dolly keeps herself busy doing Bollywood dancing, […]

  • Peter’s reasons to be cheerful in lockdown

    Peter loves gardening and before the lockdown he was regularly spotted in town volunteering with the local gardening club. You could often find Peter taking care of the flower beds – much to the appreciation of his local community. While the lockdown prevents Peter from volunteering, it hasn’t stopped him from enjoying his favourite hobby, […]

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