• May 2020

  • Helping to develop a Covid-19 vaccine

    Beating cancer remains Cancer Research UK’s priority – but the charity can’t fully focus on its mission until Covid-19 is behind us. That’s why Dr Alan Parker and his team, who are funded by Cancer Research UK, are helping to develop a vaccine. At Cardiff University, Dr Parker’s team normally examine how viruses destroy cancer […]

  • Living with sight loss in lockdown

    Dolly is 71 and has retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a sight condition where she can only see dark, light and movement. Living in lockdown would have been a struggle, but thanks to RNIB’s support, Dolly continues to lead an active and fulfilled life, doing the things she loves. Ordinarily, Dolly keeps herself busy doing Bollywood dancing, […]

  • Peter’s reasons to be cheerful in lockdown

    Peter loves gardening and before the lockdown he was regularly spotted in town volunteering with the local gardening club. You could often find Peter taking care of the flower beds – much to the appreciation of his local community. While the lockdown prevents Peter from volunteering, it hasn’t stopped him from enjoying his favourite hobby, […]

  • Keeping doors open for cancer patients

    While many organisations have been forced to work remotely or close down during the pandemic, Paul Strickland Scanner Centre have kept their doors open for those who need them, while ensuring staff and patients remain safe. “I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in 2016,” says Julia. “Earlier this year, I experienced a lot of […]

  • A better future for people with heart disease

    HEART UK ambassador Yvonne owes her life to a radio programme 35 years ago. “When my daughter was just a baby, I was doing the ironing, when I was stopped in my tracks,” says Yvonne. “I suddenly realised that the heart disease they were describing on the radio was in my own family.” The programme […]

  • April 2020

  • Taking care of our guts during Covid-19

    Our guts dictate many aspects of our health – from our weight and energy levels, to our mood and mental health. Yet most people don’t fully understand their own gut and how it affects them. With healthcare services stretched due to Covid-19, people with digestive issues are turning to charities like Guts UK to get […]

  • Living with terminal illness in lockdown

    Lin, who is 63 and living with terminal cancer, doesn’t know if she’ll see an end to the lockdown. But with the loving support of Marie Curie Nurses, and her wonderful children, sisters and extended family, she’s managing to see the silver lining. Lin says, “One of the lessons we can learn from the coronavirus […]

  • Giving disabled people like Tim a voice in the pandemic

    Tim, who has cerebral palsy, is a natural communicator and listener. Tim’s disability means he can’t speak verbally with others, but by using specialist technology he’s still able to communicate with friends and family at this difficult time. With self-isolation and social distancing now in place, this technology is more important than ever for Tim. […]

  • MS doesn’t stop for coronavirus

    Ian lives with primary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS), which impacts his life every day. Ian’s MS means he regularly experiences difficulties walking and extreme pain. Ian says, “I frequently wake up feeling like my torso has been beaten with a baseball bat. My ribs feel bruised and breathing is difficult as the pain forces me […]

  • March 2020

  • Giving dementia carers hope through COVID-19

    Nina supports her husband Jim, who has dementia. Last year she was feeling isolated, lonely and a bit desperate as she had no help or support. Then she discovered Dementia Adventure. Nina says: “Dementia Adventure really inspired me. It’s hard not to feel sorry for yourself. But it’s given me a fire to keep going. They […]

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