• November 2015

  • Moving the legacy conversation online

    Social media is a powerful tool for reaching out to our supporters. But how can charities use it effectively to break down the barriers to legacy giving? Tip 1: It’s good to talk At its heart, legacy fundraising is built on fostering open dialogue around a taboo topic. Social media provides an opportunity to talk […]

  • The other side of the front door

    When I worked in the city of London, I was amazed at the growing number of homeless people who were sleeping rough in shop doorways and in places such as under Blackfriars Bridge. It was a spectacle that I met with on a daily basis and grew accustomed to (but didn’t grow immune to). I […]

  • October 2015

  • How to do a good deed that will outlive you

    ‘I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work; I want to achieve immortality through not dying,’ said Woody Allen. That option isn’t open to any of us – but if you leave a charitable legacy in your will, you might achieve the next best thing. When you write your will, your first thought will […]

  • Why I’m remembering a charity in my Will

    In 2010 I went into joint ownership of a lovely bungalow with a close friend. I was 29 and on a low wage and this seemed like the only way to get onto the property ladder. That same year I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I knew nothing about MS and was relieved to receive […]

  • Shining a spotlight on legacy giving

    Six out of ten RNLI launches are only possible thanks to legacy donations and charitable bequests, so promoting legacies is integral to our fundraising activity. Adding our voice to the campaign Last year, the RNLI was keen to add its voice to the promotion of Remember A Charity Week, as we know the whole sector stands to benefit from […]

  • September 2015

  • The importance of good relationships

    WaterAid joined Remember A Charity to support our strategy of making gifts in wills accessible to all supporters. The week makes talking about gifts in wills relevant but we needed our own story to tell if we were to get teams involved. Building internal buy-in We ran an internal campaign to find our ‘living legends’. […]

  • Remember A Charity. Celebrate the supporter.

    Whether it’s the scale of response to a humanitarian crisis, the small, unnoticed acts of everyday kindness or the many hours of duty and dedication, the willingness of people living in Britain to make a positive contribution in the world is something to be proud of. Remember A Charity’s Extreme will writers provide a perfect example […]

  • How Remember A Charity helps us be noisy about legacies

    In 2013-14, our total income was £154,805,000 of which £26.4 million was from legacies. When I joined Marie Curie I was tasked with renewing our legacy strategy and Remember A Charity was on my radar. We joined early in 2014 and the movement is something we are proud to be involved with. Part of our strategic plan […]

  • August 2015

  • A vital part of our legacy strategy

    “Supporters can make such a difference through including a gift in their will to the charities they support, and the Remember A Charity campaign helps achieve this” Cystic Fibrosis Trust raises around £1 million a year from legacies. As we strive to beat cystic fibrosis for good, membership of the Remember A Charity consortium is a vital part […]

  • Working together to achieve social change

    First published in UK Fundraising, 16 August 2015 “This year’s campaign is expected to be our biggest yet, building on the success of the 2014 ‘Living Legends’ theme” Remember A Charity’s campaigns are known for their humorous approach and emotive messaging, and this year’s Remember A Charity Week will be no different. In the lead […]

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