• January 2019

  • Building a human connection in a digital world

    Original article can be read on CharityComms. Talking about death and money are two of the biggest taboos for Brits. It poses an inevitable hurdle when planning the annual awareness campaign, Remember A Charity Week, with our core goal being to normalise gifts in wills and to lay the foundations for a world where everyone […]

  • Legacies: a challenging year ahead?

    Original article can be read on the Institute of Fundraising blog. The last year was a great one for legacy fundraising, says Rob Cope, Director of Remember A Charity, but there are still some key questions that will need to be addressed in 2019. The legacy market continues to grow, with more charities than ever […]

  • December 2018

  • Promoting Gifts In Wills With Seasonal Marketing

    In keeping with the festive time of year, we wanted to do a quick round up of how some of our members have used seasonal marketing to raise awareness of gifts in wills amongst their supporters. We have highlighted four below, contributed by our members. Brooke – Christmas Update We all want to feel appreciated […]

  • November 2018

  • How Brexit will affect legacy giving & what charities can do about it

    Guest Blog by Meg Abdy, Legacy Foresight Gifts in wills are a vital and much-valued source of income for British charities – in total, legacies account for 6% of all the income received across the sector. Last year, legacy income totalled £3bn – that’s the equivalent of 36 Comic Reliefs or 48 London Marathons. Some […]

  • A spotlight on Pancreatic Cancer

    Guest Blog from Caroline Purewal at Pancreatic Cancer UK   Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month which is one of the busiest periods of the year for Pancreatic Cancer UK and for me, in my role looking after the Pancreatic Cancer UK Donations Team. The month sees our supporters coming together […]

  • September 2018

  • How four charities (and one cat) got behind Remember A Charity Week

    How four charities (and one cat) reached out to supporters this Remember A Charity Week During Remember A Charity Week 2018, we saw countless examples of charities using innovative and creative ways to engage their supporters with the concept of legacy giving. Here are just four examples of the different ways that our member charities […]

  • Legacy Fundraising for Arts & Culture Organisations

    In a recent blog on Arts Council, we shared five great tips on how to get started with legacy fundraising for arts and culture organisations.   Remember A Charity Week, 10-16 September, aims to shine a light on the importance of gifts in wills to good causes. Rob Cope, director of Remember A Charity, shares his five […]

  • A Guide to Charitable Gifting from Co-op’s James Antoniou

      At Co-op Legal Services we’re delighted to be partnering with Remember A Charity for the sixth year running, as we continue to progress with our shared aim to make will writing and considering leaving a gift to charity the social norm. We are certainly still witnessing a desire for our clients to leave charitable gifts […]

  • Lord Taverners

    My sporting legacy

    Stephen describes his reasoning for leaving a gift to the Lord’s Taverners. I owe the world forever that I was so fortunate. I was born in a poor area, failed at school and had no perceivable future. I know that if I hadn’t been given certain chances, my life could have turned out very differently. […]

  • May 2018

  • 10 highlights from the new Literature Review into Legacy Giving

    There has been a proliferation of research into legacy giving and related areas, particularly over the last 10 years. But much of this research is hard to access and little understood which is a real problem for fundraisers and the non-profit sector as a whole. It is a problem because the more we learn about […]

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