• November 2019

  • A meeting with a professional Will writer

    Professional Will Writing Services In The UK

    Making a Will can be a tricky business, which is why we always recommend having your Will professionally written by either a solicitor or Will writer which could be found through a professional body. Understandably, some people want to use a service they know they can trust. For this reason, there are a few professional […]

  • Differences In Making A Will In Scotland

    For people in England and Wales, the process of making a Will is almost exactly the same; however, the process is slightly different north of the border in Scotland. Much of this is simply down to different terminology, although there are some subtle variations in the law which may affect how a Will is written. […]

  • Catherine’s gift for future generations of Scottish families

    A guest blog from Children’s Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS) We’re shining a spotlight on Catherine, an inspirational volunteer at CHAS who kindly decided to leave us a gift in her Will. For over 14 years, Catherine has worked tirelessly to raise funds for CHAS, giving motivational talks, coordinating cans and helping out at bucket shakes. […]

  • Sian’s legacy

    Pancreatic Cancer UK supporter, Andrew Kennedy, shares his wife Sian’s story and the devastating impact of pancreatic cancer on his family. My wife Sian and I met in our teens. Sian trained as a nurse in Poole and later went on to become a district nurse. She absolutely loved working in the community and helping […]

  • October 2019

  • A safe space to talk

    Faridah shares how Place2Be changed her life: “I started Place2Be parent counselling sessions because I was tired of feeling overwhelmed. I am a single mum and I got to my lowest point. That’s why I turned to Place2Be. Importance of being within the school “It helped that Place2Be was in my children’s school. It makes […]

  • Women changing her Will on a laptop | Remember A Charity

    Changing a Will

    Do you need to update your Will? There are many reasons why you might need to change your Will. Often people update their Will when a new child or grandchild enters the scene, or when their financial position changes. Here we look at how you can change your Will and what to do if you […]

  • Bringing creativity into the curriculum

    Birmingham Hippodrome is well known as one of the largest touring theatres in the UK. Fewer people, however, know that it’s also a charity. As part of their vision for a world-class Birmingham arts scene, Birmingham Hippodrome works closely with schools in the West Midlands to provide young people with creative opportunities. Lucy Prince, Creative […]

  • A man sitting at a desk working on a Will

    What are the differences between Will Writers and Solicitors?

    When you start the process of making a Will, one of the first things you need to decide is who is going to write the Will. Although you can choose to write it yourself, usually people get their Wills written by a solicitor or a professional Will Writer. However, this choice can leave people confused […]

  • September 2019

  • Nature for a happier, healthier future

    Joshua’s story – a vicious cycle of depression and anxiety Joshua’s poor mental health had kept him out of work for over two years. He rarely had a reason to leave his house, spending most of his time stuck at home with nothing to do, which led to a vicious cycle of depression and anxiety. […]

  • The problem with DIY Wills_Blog_Banner Image | Remember A Charity

    How To Have A Conversation With Your Family About Wills

    Talking about your Will is something many people put off. It’s a difficult conversation and asking your family to confront your own mortality is naturally uncomfortable for many of us. However, ensuring that the people closest to you are in the know about your Will is crucial. Without having the conversation, family disputes over your […]

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