• May 2019

  • Colin’s story – saying ‘thank you’ with a gift in his Will

     Family carer, Colin, explains why he has left a gift to Dementia UK in his Will. “When my late wife, Trixie, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s we received wonderful support from our Admiral Nurse, Loraine. Dementia UK trains Admiral Nurses to specialise in all areas of dementia. “The most useful piece of advice Lorraine gave me […]

  • A young life cut short by mental illness

    A guest blog by Sue Sheppard, Rethink Mental Illness supporter, pictured with her daughter My daughter Charlotte was born in 1989 and was quite a character from the start. She was very bright, and learned to walk and talk early. When she was 12 she joined a local football team and played with them right […]

  • What is the probate of a Will_Blog_Header Image | Remember A Charity

    What is the probate of a Will?

    What is probate? Probate is the process of sorting out the assets of a person who has died in England and Wales. These assets usually take the form of property, finances and possessions. In addition to the financial transactions that take place during this process (e.g. transferring money to a benefactor), there are also some […]

  • How Much Does It Cost To Make A Will_Blog_Header Image | Remember A Charity

    How much does it cost to make a Will?

    Making a Will can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’re worried about the cost of writing a Will. However, there are plenty of ways to get a watertight Will without paying through the nose. Here we run through the options and show you how much you should expect to pay. How much does it cost to […]

  • April 2019

  • Arthritis Action_Blog_Header Image | Remember A Charity

    A legacy of hope with Arthritis Action

    Charlotte’s story – dealing with arthritis in her thirties “When I was first diagnosed with arthritis at age 36, it was strangely a relief. I had a name for my condition, so I could go away and research it. However, reading about it can be quite depressing because arthritis is a long-term condition that has […]

  • Writing A Donation Check_Future proofing your legacy fundraising strategy_Blog_Header Image | Remember A Charity

    Future proofing your legacy fundraising strategy

    A guest blog from Cathy Pharoah, Visiting Professor of Charity Funding, Cass Business School The growing value of legacy fundraising  Legacy income is increasingly vital to charities’ work, worth almost one-third of voluntary income to major UK-wide charities, and a quarter amongst Scottish and Welsh charities, as shown in new research from Remember A Charity. […]

  • Andrea’s story – the stoma that saved her life

    My Great Aunty I recently found out my Great Aunty used to sew stoma bags over 80 years ago. I bet while she was sat at her machine she would never have thought her future Great Niece would be wearing one… I’m Andrea and I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2016, aged 37. I […]

  • Probate fee changes – latest updates

    The Institute of Fundraising received a response from Lucy Frazer MP. The reply explains why the government will not include a charitable exemption. Rob Cope, Director of Remember A Charity, commented on the reply: “We disagree that the planned probate fees will not be a substantial impact on individual beneficiaries. “Cancer Research UK have calculated […]

  • March 2019

  • What does home mean to you?

    A guest blog from Katie Wimpenny (pictured below, far-left), Legacy and In Memory Manager at St Mungo’s. Highlighting women’s homelessness Many of us take our homes for granted, but for someone who is homeless, it can mean the difference between life and death. Sleeping rough is dangerous for everyone, but women sleeping rough carry the […]

  • The last battleground against cancer

      A guest blog from Gary Kelly, Gifts in Wills Manager at Brain Tumour Research A personal perspective Having suffered the loss of a close friend and work colleague to a brain tumour, I know first-hand how important our world-class research is. Since joining Brain Tumour Research 18 months ago, I’ve seen how hard our […]

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