Human Search Engine

Find answers to life’s biggest questions at

Last year’s Remember A Charity Week saw 200 charities come together to launch Human – the world’s first charity-powered search engine.

The Human Search Engine launches today

Today we’re launching the #HumanSearchEngine, bringing together over 200 charities to answer the world’s biggest questions. Explore the answers at

Posted by Remember A Charity on Monday, 10 September 2018


Charities selected the big questions most important to their supporters and beneficiaries, and recorded their responses as short videos.

Visitors to Human can explore these videos and find real answers to over 100 questions, such as ‘How can we cure the deadliest common cancers?’ and ‘How can we help every animal find a home?’

Human demonstrates charities’ pivotal role in helping to solve some of the biggest challenges facing humanity, and how the public can help, by leaving a gift in their Will.