• December 2014

  • Have you planned for your ‘big day’?

    Wills are undervalued and lawyers are as much to blame as anyone else. They are frequently in the bargain basement of legal services, with many providers offering them at very cheap prices. Also some charities offer to pay for Wills in the hope that a legacy is left to them, and in my view there’s […]

  • Sowing the seeds for someone else’s benefit

    As legacy fundraisers, we all aware that the marketing and promotion of legacies only shows a return many years thereafter. Many charities restrict wrongly their legacy marketing budget, preferring to see an instant return on fundraising investment, and thus legacies can often be overlooked. With the London Charity job market showing that on average fundraisers […]

  • Do you recycle your household waste?

    If so, is it because: you are aware of the environmental benefits; because it makes you feel good; because most other people recycle or because it’s been made easy for you? The answer to all of these questions is probably ‘yes’. If so, you are living proof that behaviour change is possible. 15 years ago, […]

  • November 2014

  • Oxytocin: The key ingredient for growing giving?

    Earlier this month I was invited to the Science of Philanthropy Initiative, Chicago, to discuss how behavioural economics can help grow legacy giving. Charity fundraisers have long-understood the mantra of ‘asking’ and ‘better asking’ to raise vital funds. But how does this work with something as private and taboo as legacies? Remember A Charity has […]

  • Don’t forget the charities

    Making a Will is an important step for anyone; time needs to be spent thinking about who should benefit from your estate when you die and any precise wishes you may have. However, you might be surprised to know that whilst two thirds of us give to charities during our lifetime, only 6% of us […]

  • Discovering legacies at the V&A

    It’s a Wednesday evening, late September. The night is young and I find myself playing ‘spot the difference’ in the heart of the V&A’s Constable: The Making of a Master exhibition. I am with Steve Daszko, a good friend to the V&A, at the Private View. As the V&A’s Legacies Manager, it is rewarding to see Steve derive […]

  • Time to Remember

    With thoughts today reflecting on military charities and the incredibly moving display of poppies at the Tower of London, it seems fitting to be writing about Remember A Charity.  Most individuals have at least one charity close to their heart.  For some this is because they have been inspired to fundraise through challenges, ranging from […]

  • October 2014

  • No Will – No Legacy

    Sometimes we feel awkward about talking to supporters about death and therefore shy away from it, using euphemisms like ‘passed away’ and ‘lost’. We insure our cars – in case we have an accident. We insure our houses – in case we have a fire. I insure my boat – in case it sinks. We […]

  • Helping us make the ultimate breakthrough

    Breakthrough Breast Cancer began 25 years ago with one man’s absolute commitment, following the loss of his wife, to stopping women dying from breast cancer. Together with the help of many extraordinary people, he raised the £15 million needed to build the first dedicated breast cancer research centre, where experts could work together to find […]

  • After death, leave life

    Watta is 1 day old and lies in her mother’s arms in Peters Town Clinic. Her mother, Comfort, is a 17 year old Liberian woman who lives in the inaccessible village that is not connected by road and cannot be reached by motorbike. She walked for 7 hours to use the Maternal Waiting Room ahead […]

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