• November 2017

  • Why I’ll always support Save the Children

    We spoke to long-term Save the Children supporter and volunteer, Marilyn Payne, who earlier this year was honoured with an MBE for services to charity. We asked Marilyn to share how she got involved with the charity over three decades ago, and why she wants her lifelong support to continue even when she’s no longer […]

  • October 2017

  • Half a million pounds or a single red rose

    Most Wills are pretty unexciting documents, but occasionally we hear of an odd bequest someone has made which provide a little more entertainment. How about the strange bequest made by a step-father who left his step-daughter the “price of half a pound of pork sausages” that she claimed her late mother had not paid for? […]

  • September 2017

  • Supporting SeeAbility with a gift in my Will

    “The charity’s called SeeAbility” said Terry, tipping me off about a small, part-time role to add to my charity portfolio. I’d taken part in a lot of holidays as a sighted guide for visually impaired people in the past…..but this was something else: “supporting people with sight loss and multi-disabilities”. I was intrigued. I got […]

  • August 2017

  • Top 5 Will-writing myths

    When it comes to Wills and Will-writing, we really need to sort the fact from the fiction. There are many myths out there deterring people from writing a Will. As a result, around 60% of the UK population die without a legally valid Will in place*. This can have serious implications for loved ones who […]

  • July 2017

  • My part in creating change

    We chatted to Etienne Duval, Borderline supporter, about his passion for the charity’s work and why he felt compelled to leave a gift in his Will.   Why did you first start supporting Borderline? Being comfortably housed, I have long been aware of how lucky someone in my position is. Borderline is the only charity […]

  • All that glitters…

    If you were asked to name a creative and customer focused industry or profession, it’s a fair bet that the legal profession wouldn’t come anywhere near the top of the list. The perception of lawyers in general, rightly or wrongly, is of a jargon filled, nine-to-five service that suits the law firm but not the clients, and with […]

  • June 2017

  • My gift of happiness and care

    My daughter Jenny was a resident at Greenhill House, a Leonard Cheshire Disability care home near Bath for seventeen years. She was born prematurely, one of twins. Unfortunately she had severe epilepsy caused by brain damage, which meant she needed a great deal of care. Jenny was a very happy person, who gave and received […]

  • Feeling down? The unexpected pick me up…

    As many of us await the start of the ever-unpredictable British summer, you’re probably feeling the need for a proper break and some time away from the stresses of the daily grind. If you’re feeling a little tired or de-motivated, there’s always the tried and true methods of self-care: sleep, diet, exercise. But there’s one […]

  • May 2017

  • Six reasons you should make a Will

    While you can make a Will at any age, there are a number of stages in life when it becomes increasingly important to set out your wishes. So, what are these life stages, and why should they prompt you into making or updating your Will? 1 – Being in a relationship These days not all […]

  • The private philanthropists

    When we think back to last year, the legacy of 2016 will at a mere mention remind us how many well-known, creative names we have lost. And though we have a right to feel robbed of these treasures, perhaps we should try to shift our focus and look instead at the legacy of these talented […]