Smee & Ford

Established for over 125 years, Smee & Ford is the UK’s leading provider of trusted legacy information. They also provide subscription and bespoke data services to help charities analyse legacy income and make informed decisions to drive activities.

Legacy Spotlight

Legacy Spotlight is a bespoke report that provides information on a charity’s legacy performance versus that of their peers, their causal area and the sector as a whole. It is quick and easy to create and can form part of legacy performance reporting.  Legacy Spotlight can help charities:

  • Understand how they are performing in minutes
  • Shape legacy marketing strategy by gaining essential insight
  • Identify new geographic opportunities – find out if they are missing out in specific regions, towns or counties
  • Justify legacy marketing spend with actual facts making it ideal for presenting to key decision makers

Legacy View

Legacy View provides the most comprehensive overview of legacy giving in the UK. This online tool provides insight into the type of individual who is most likely to leave a gift to a charity, in order to successfully build targeted legacy marketing campaigns. Legacy View offers:

    • Key legator data for all charitable estates in Britain
    • Advanced search functionality allowing people to search by: individual charity bequests; death date; causal areas; codicil date; location; gender; estate values; age; probate date; bequest type; will date
    • The ability to create bespoke analysis drilling down to gain insight
    • Access to detailed historic bequest data by cause since 2007 and in-depth data by named charity since at least September 2012

Notification Service

The legacy notification services ensure that charities receive timely information on specific legacies left to them, or notification of money left in wills or trusts for unspecified charitable purposes. A dedicated and highly skilled team of reporters read over 5,000 wills every week to ensure that charities benefit from the most up-to-date information. The notification services provide:

    • Timely and accurate information on forthcoming legacies
    • Full details of any gifts to charities
    • Notification of relevant discretionary legacies within weeks of probate
    • Information on any new charitable trusts or additional funding to existing trusts