Who can become a campaign supporter

The scheme is open to all Wills and probate solicitors and other qualified Will-writing practitioners who are:

  • Members of the Law Society
  • Members of the Institute of Professional Will-writers
  • Members of the Society of Will Writers


“Qualified Will-writing practitioner” means an individual that meets the following criteria:

(A) They are qualified practicing solicitors governed by the Law Society or can provide proof that they have passed an examination in the subject of Wills with a recognised legal training provider (recognised legal training providers include Law Colleges and training institutes accredited by the Law Society of England and Wales or the Law Society of Scotland; the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx); Central Law Training; STEP; and the Institute of Professional Will-writers);

(B) They have professional indemnity insurance (minimum cover £2m);

(C) They undergo mandatory continuing professional development in the areas of law in which they practice (minimum 18 hours per year), including Wills and probate law;

(D) They offer the ability for clients to gain redress from a recognised body in default of the individual, the body holding adequate funds for this purpose; and

(E) They hold membership of a professional body which has a mandatory Code of Conduct and can regulate it. Sanctions must include expulsion from membership.