Colin's story - saying 'thank you' with a gift in his Will

Colin's Story: Dementia UK_Blog_Body Image | Remember A Charity Family carer, Colin, explains why he has left a gift to Dementia UK in his Will. “When my late wife, Trixie, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s we received wonderful support from our Admiral Nurse, Loraine. Dementia UK trains Admiral Nurses to specialise in all areas of dementia. “The most useful piece of advice Lorraine gave me about caring for my wife was to ‘enter into her world.’ I used to feel guilty about lying to Trixie when she asked questions like ‘when is mum coming over?’ but Loraine helped me to see the situation differently, and to reassure Trixie, which made her less stressed. Over time, I gained considerable knowledge of how to conduct myself when meeting and talking to someone with dementia.”

On the side of families dealing with dementia

Colin was very grateful for the amount of time Loraine spent with him and his wife – he never felt rushed. “It was some time into her regular visits to us that I realised we weren’t the only family she visited! I always felt fully supported.” Admiral Nurse Loraine explains, “Admiral Nurses see people through thick and thin. The families we work with feel us on their side, working alongside them. We have a holistic and flexible approach to family needs; getting to know them, helping the family to understand the diagnosis and changes the person living with dementia may be experiencing and helping to maintain wellbeing. We get to know families, like Colin and Trixie’s, really well and can work with them and help them over the length of their dementia journey.”

Remembering Dementia UK in his Will

As a ‘thank you’ for the support he received from his Admiral Nurse, Colin decided to add a gift into his Will. “When my wife died, I sold our home and moved into an apartment. I had some spare cash and decided to leave some to Dementia UK. This is by way of a thank you for their help. I feel as though I will have made a contribution to their work. It was very easy to include the gift in my Will. The solicitor was most helpful.” “If you are considering leaving a gift in this way, please don’t hesitate. It doesn’t have to be thousands of pounds. After all, we wouldn’t have lovely beaches if it weren’t for many, many tiny grains of sand.”

Watch Colin and Susan explain why they've left a gift in their Will to Dementia UK


Support future generations

Dementia is the biggest health issue of our generation.  With no cure in sight, our nurses will care for families in crisis. If you would like to help Dementia UK ensure that there are Admiral Nurses to support future generations, order our guide to Gifts in Wills or contact Gemma Kemp via email or telephone on 020 8036 5397. If you need support or advice on dementia, call Dementia UK’s free Dementia Helpline on 0800 888 6678 or email

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