The Goodwill Partnership

Below are the answers given by The Goodwill Partnership in the Will Writing Survey, which you can use to compare to others.

How is your service delivered

  • Face to face – home visit
  • Telephone

Service description
Best-practice home-visit Will writing service, with all Wills drafted, provided and checked by a panel-solicitor.

In what ways do you assess your clients’ mental capacity?
Our home-visit Counsellors are trained to identify the slightest indication of any issues surrounding mental capacity. The home-visit Counsellors begin with an introductory telephone call to introduce themselves to the client and ask basic initial questions with regards to their requirements and expectations.

What processes do you follow to avoid undue influence?
TGP follows a strict protocol to avoid any undue influence. All legacy gift questions within the Will instruction forms are followed as standard on a generic basis. The client is under no obligation to leave a gift and this is made clear by each charity partner and TGP.

What do you offer as part of your will-writing service?

• Financial advice
• Legal advice

Comments: Legal & Financial advice is not provided by TGP’s home-visit Counsellors, but is provided if appropriate by the panel-solicitor. Risks or potential future problems can be identified once the Will instructions have been taken, these will be explained to the client, however there is no obligation for them to commit to any additional Legal or Financial advice.

To what extent are solicitors involved in your Will-writing service?
• Drafting
• Final check

Comments: TGP and its panel-solicitors provide a comprehensive step-by-step service from initial supporter enquiry to a final check of the attested Will.

To what extent are other qualified legal or financial professionals involved in your Will-writing service?
Provision of legal and financial advice by the panel-solicitor if requested by the client.

How does your service deal with complex estates (such as those with own business or property abroad, or a trust)?
For any cases which fall outside of our home-visit service, TGP will advise the client goes directly to a solicitor. TGP is able to offer & facilitate specific Trusts where appropriate for the client at the home-visit.

Do you prompt your clients to consider leaving gifts to a charity? If so, how?
Yes, there is a standard prompt on all Will instructions forms for both Pecuniary and Residuary gifts.

What provision does your service make for secure Will storage or future access?
All clients are offered the opportunity to store their Will with the panel-solicitor as part of TGP’s lifetime membership service. There is a small annual fee of £24 for this. There is no obligation for the client to take TGP membership.

How is your service delivery regulated?
Solicitor Regulation Authority

What formal protection have you got in place for your clients, e.g. liability insurance for will-writing or provision of legal advice, please specify level of coverage?
All panel-solicitors carry their own liability insurance as per regulation. In addition to this, whilst not a legal requirement, TGP holds its own liability insurance.

Are you able to track impact and report on progress e.g. how many inquiries lead to Wills and how many include a charitable gift? How do you do it?
Yes. We achieve this via our CRM platform and report all relevant activity to each charity partner. Where the client has given permission for TGP to do so, we include specific gift details.

How does your product deal with / identify complex Will structures e.g. where legacy is 2nd death contingent gift?
TGP is well practiced at identifying such cases and manages these regularly as appropriate.

Are you able to determine customers demographic information e.g. an average age of your client?

If working with a partner charity, are you able to provide monthly activity reports?
Yes. We report monthly, where there has been relevant activity.