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You don’t have to go to extremes for charity…

Including a gift in your Will is legendary enough. It enables charities to continue their great work.

The 2015 Remember A Charity Week, which ran from the 7 – 13 September, encouraged the public that you don’t have to go to extremes to do something amazing for a charity you care about…

So why not find a cause close to your heart and consider leaving a gift in your Will.

Or, you can use our postcode search to find a solicitor or Will-writer in your local area. They will be able to advise you on making your Will and leaving a charitable legacy.

Meet the extreme Will-writers

A gentle stroll to the solicitors to include a gift to charity in a Will isn’t for everyone. Some people like to do it free falling at 125mph…

Dave Shurlock. Membership No. 001

Dave tells us “Don’t just tweet it, get up and do something about it”. So, Dave jumped out of a plane.

Sue Shannon-Jones. Membership No. 002

Sue’s philosophy for life is; “Do something everyday that scares you”.

Meryl Knapp. Membership No. 003

Meryl was soon to discover that up in the clouds with the wind rushing by at 180mph, “Noooooo!” sounds a lot like “Goooooo!”


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