Legacy Futures is a group of gifts in Wills and in-memory giving consultancies dedicated to helping charities worldwide harness the transformative power of legacy giving.

From planning the first connection to the final donation, the teams at Legacy Futures supports non-profits at every step of the legacy journey to secure the future of their organisations.

Gifts in Wills now raise over £3.85 billion a year – a figure set to more than double by 2050. Combined with in-memory giving, this figure rises to more than £5bn annually.

With Legacy Futures’ insight and expertise, charities can make every legacy gift count.

The Legacy Futures group comprises three teams:

  • Legacy Foresight – researches and analyses the legacy market to help charities understand changing donor behaviour, model future predictions, forecast incomes, benchmark their performance, and create strategies for growth.
  • Legacy Voice – helps charities develop strategies to build their share of the legacy market through clear and creative communication, effective legacy stewardship and organisational engagement.
  • Legacy Link – a team unrivalled in their experience, Legacy Link works to ensure donors’ wishes are realised by helping non-profits navigate the often complex estate administration process. Their legacy administration service supports over 100 charities and helped secure more than £200m in legacy income last year.
Combining experience, analysis, data and insights, Legacy Futures works together with Remember A Charity to help progress expertise and knowledge within the legacy fundraising sector. This supportive culture helps charities and the individuals within them maximise the powerful potential that gifts in wills and in-memory giving can bring.
Ashley Rowthorn, Managing Director, Legacy Futures

Partnership with Remember A Charity

Remember A Charity and Legacy Foresight collaborate in a number of ways, including:

  • Producing free market reports
  • Joining together in speaking sessions at conferences
  • Sharing data and insights and making them freely accessible to the sector
  • Working together on bursaries and awards to support legacy professionals
  • Supporting legacy fundraisers overseas