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Help us find the answers to life's biggest questions by leaving a gift in your Will.
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Why leave a gift?

We’ve left a gift in our Wills, so that some of the money we leave behind can help them continue their good work.
Joyce & Eric Salter, charity supporters
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Probate Fee Changes A Risk to Charitable Legacies

In response to the Government’s announcement of this new probate fee structure, the director of Remember A Charity, Rob Cope, says: “The new probate structure will see charitable wills costing – in some cases - thousands of pounds more than they do currently and our concern is that this could deter people from leaving a donation in their will. After all, if estate planning comes with such a hefty price tag for wealthy individuals – many of whom leave sizable gifts to charity - they may think again."

Public generosity sees almost £3 billion a year donated through gifts in Wills

The latest figures on charitable gifts in wills have been released by Legacy Foresight today showing that the public’s legacy donations raised £2.96 billion for good causes in 2017 and are predicted to reach £3.4 billion by 2022. Rob Cope, Director of Remember A Charity, says: “Legacy Foresight’s report underlines just how important charitable bequests are to the sector now and in the future, funding vital services across the country.”