Making a Will

Making a Will is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. And it’s a lot more affordable and straightforward than you think.

You may want a Will that ensures your assets and possessions are left to those you love. Or you might have a favourite charity that you would like to leave a gift to.

Remember A Charity has teamed up with Co-op Legal Services, a national provider of Wills and other legal services, trusted for their strong ethical beliefs and socially responsible working. They can help you to decide which Will is right for you and help you to amend an existing one.

We always recommend speaking to your local professional advisor if you’re considering making or updating a Will.

Why consider making a Will?

  • Reduce the burden on the loved ones you leave behind
  • Protect your assets and help reduce the impact that inheritance tax and residential care fees can have on your estate; protecting your assets for loved ones.
  • Ensure all your assets are dealt with correctly, with debts paid and items going to the people you wish to receive them.


The right Will for you

There are a number of different options you can consider when making a Will:

Use a local professional

By having your Will professionally written, you ensure everything is covered and arranged as you would like.

You can find a solicitor or Will writer in your area via our network of professional advisors. Our specialists offer free advice over the phone and can advise you on writing a Will in a matter of minutes.

If you wish to make your Will professionally with us, we can take your instructions over the phone from the comfort of your home, in around 45 minutes.

We will also store your completed Will for free until it is needed.

Start your Will online

If you want to start your Will online, we are pleased to launch of a new offering through our partnership with Co-op Legal Services, enabling you to access discounts of up to 20% on Will-writing services.

While it’s possible to make your own Will, you need to be careful that you don’t miss out something vital, as leaving out certain details could make your Will invalid. We strongly recommended you have it checked by a professional.