Smee & Ford

Established for over 125 years, Smee & Ford is the UK’s leading provider of trusted legacy information. Our mission is to support charities of all sizes with their legacy fundraising and administration activities in order to understand and grow legacy income.

Legacy Notification Services:

Our experienced reporting team reads every Will that passes through probate. We identify all charitable gifts and provide our charity clients with accurate and timely information on the wishes of the deceased to support their cause.

Smee & Ford’s notification services provide:

  • Timely and accurate information on forthcoming legacies
  • Notification of named legacies within weeks of probate
  • Advanced notification of discretionary legacies
  • Information on any new charitable trusts or additional funding

Bespoke Legacy Data and Insight:

We understand legacy teams. We work with charities across the whole spectrum of legacies and understand that no matter the size of the team, every organisation has its own challenges. Our unique database is the only comprehensive source of UK legacy giving information and enables charities to take the guesswork out of their legacy fundraising strategy. 

Smee & Ford legacy giving data can shine a light on:

  • Market share: How is your organisation doing compared to other causes in your causal area or sector-wide?
  • Co-beneficiaries: Who do your supporters care about as well as you? What are their interests?
  • Geographical insight: Where are your real supporter hotspots?
  • Pledger behaviour: What are your known supporters actually doing, who have your intenders actually supported?
  • Loss of pledges: If you are not named where you thought you were, who is your supporter pledging to instead?
  • Notification trends: Are your notifications up and down in line with everyone else's?



Smee & Ford events are created specifically for legacy professionals, providing a space to get inspired, share knowledge, celebrate success and connect with your community.

Excellence in Legacy Administration

The biggest names in legacy administration gather at this online event every December to share practical tips, techniques and advice for maximising legacy income, keeping up with innovations and the latest in-depth insight into legacy trends. Learn more

Legacy Strategy Summit

This annual online event takes place in June and brings together charities of all sizes to share ideas, inspiration and the latest developments around legacy fundraising strategy. Whether you’re just starting out on your legacy fundraising journey or are looking to build on your existing processes, this is a must-attend event for your legacy team. Learn more

Legacy Giving Awards

The Smee & Ford Legacy Giving Awards launched in 2023 as the only event of its kind to shine a light on the charity legacy giving sector and its trusted partners, whose expertise, passion, and commitment combine to bring in over £3 billion each year for UK charities. Learn more


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