The Association of Lifetime Lawyers (formerly Solicitors for the Elderly) was founded in 1996 to make sure that when people are vulnerable, they have access to a legal professional with the skills and experience to help.

Today, we’re a national organisation with over 1,500 members from across the UK and a separate group in the Republic of Ireland. Our members, known as Lifetime Lawyers, are fully committed to our ethos, and we provide them with expert training and best practice to support our clients. This includes the Lifetime Care in Practice Award, a highly specialised qualification which gives our members an in depth understanding of vulnerable and older clients, the key issues and barriers they may face, and how best to support and advise them.

We make sure our members are up to date with market developments and offer them opportunities to learn from one another through our members advice forum and national and regional events. We also stay on top of the latest case law related to clients who are older and/or vulnerable to keep our members informed.

We speak out in the press and work behind the scenes with various government, legal bodies, and organisations to ensure the voice of vulnerable and older people is heard.

Becoming a Lifetime Lawyer is a selective process – we only accept fully qualified, regulated, and insured solicitors, barristers or chartered legal executives who spend at least half of their time working with vulnerable and older clients. Lifetime Lawyers are experts in delivering the best outcomes for clients of all ages who are facing important life decisions, including those with complex needs and who may need extra support. If you see the Accredited Lifetime Lawyer stamp, then you know you’re talking to a specialist who can give you the right advice and support at each stage of your lifetime.

We are delighted to collaborate with Remember A Charity and support them in their goal to encourage more people to leave a gift in their Will to charity.

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