The Institute of Legacy Management

The Institute of Legacy Management (ILM) is a membership organisation that provides assistance and support to individuals engaged in legacy management and plays an important role in promoting best practices in legacy fundraising and management. It provides its members with access to training, networking opportunities, and resources to help them improve their skills and knowledge in this area. The ILM also works to raise awareness of legacy giving and its importance in supporting charitable organisations.

In addition to organising training sessions and events, ILM offers free advice on their website, which includes their Good Practice Guidance. This Guidance outlines a set of five core principles that are essential to the work of all legacy professionals. These are:

  • Sensitivity
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Informed

You can read about these principles in details here.

The overriding goal for both ILM and Remember A Charity is for the legal profession and the charity sector to have a harmonious relationship and support each other at every stage of the legacy process.
Matthew Lagden, Chief Executive
Partnership with Remember A Charity

The ILM and Remember A Charity have a shared goal of promoting legacy giving and ensuring that charitable organisations receive the maximum benefit from the legacies left to them. By working together, we can provide a more coordinated approach to legacy fundraising and management, which can help to maximise the impact of legacies on charitable causes.


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