BBC Radio 5 Live interview on making a Will

Rob Cope, director of Remember A Charity, will be interviewed today for BBC Radio 5 Live on the importance of writing a Will and leaving a gift to charity. The piece comes off the back of a report by Citizens Advice, who have received more than double the number of queries about those who have died intestate over the past five years. The charity had 1,522 queries in 2011, rising to 3,747 in 2015, as well as an increase in queries about problems executing Wills. According to a YouGov survey, almost two thirds of the British adult population have not made a Will. Dying intestate can often result in loved ones taking on the stressful task of administering an estate. If someone dies without a Will, laws determine how your assets and possessions are distributed. For example, unmarried partners and those not in a civil partnership have no right to inherit. You can tune in to the piece online via iPlayer radio. The interview will go out live just after midday.

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