ILM launches Good Practice Guidance

On 24 February the Institute of Legacy Management (ILM) launched its Good Practice Guidance, aiming to help legacy professionals ensure that donors and their families and friends are treated with humanity. The guidance is the culmination of almost a year of consultation with both ILM’s members and other professionals working in the sector. According to Legacy Foresight, gifts left in Wills raised £2.54 billion for charities in the UK in 2015. As the membership organisation for legacy professionals from over 300 charity and not-for-profit organisations, the guidance was created as part of the ILM's vision to help their members make sure that every donor’s final wishes achieve their potential. The ILM Good Practice Guidance establishes a set of five core principles for legacy professionals, reflecting the key challenges they face and outlining an ethical framework for the sector: Sensitivity, Transparency, Integrity, Collaboration and Informed. The document was developed with professionals from across the legacy management field and in collaboration with its members. The ILM hopes to share best practice in areas ranging from communication with lay executors, solicitors and other charity beneficiaries, to tax considerations, and possible claims against an estate. The guidance is intended to reflect and inspire their members’ commitment to fulfilling donors’ final wishes. Read the full Good Practice Guidance

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