UK adults consider how they want to be remembered - as new research reveals three in five haven’t yet written a Will

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This Remember A Charity Week (11 to 17 September 2023), Remember A Charity is calling on the public to consider leaving a charitable donation in their Will, alongside gifts for their loved ones.

This matters now more than ever, as new research conducted for Remember A Charity Week (11-17 September 2023) reveals that three in five (61%) UK adults – and 46% of those aged 40+ – have not yet written a Will.

Many have a strong sense of how they wish to be remembered, with half of the public wanting to be remembered for their role in their family (52%) or their morals, values and compassion (49%). And over a third of people (34%) hope to leave the world a better place.

Six in ten people recognise that passing on a sentimental gift to future generations can provide comfort to your loved ones, reminding people of treasured moments and memories for years to come.

Attitudes towards leaving a gift to charity in your Will are positive. Indeed, 62% of UK adults recognise that you don’t need to be wealthy to leave a gift to charity in your Will and acknowledge that even a small gift left to charity can make a difference and help to fund vital work. In fact, nearly half (46%) of people would feel proud if a loved one left a donation to charity alongside gifts to family and friends.

During Remember A Charity Week, charities across the country are coming together with Campaign Supporters, campaign partners, Charity Champions and others to highlight the importance and impact of gifts in Wills on beneficiaries and charitable services for years to come, celebrating and thanking their supporters. Remember A Charity is encouraging people nationwide to include a charity they care about in their Will, alongside gifts for family and friends.

Lucinda Frostick, Director of Remember A Charity, says:

“What we leave behind in our Will tells our own unique story. From symbolic gifts for loved ones through to charitable donations for the good causes we care about, leaving a gift in your Will can be a wonderful way to ensure that treasured memories and values live on long beyond our lifetimes.

“This Remember A Charity Week, we’re delighted to be celebrating the unforgettable legacies of our loved ones, and to spark conversation about what it is that we all want to be remembered for.

“It’s been so inspiring to hear from people across the UK who have been left special and, at times, quirky gifts by their family or friends, and from those who have chosen to remember a charity too. Each of these carries a story; enabling memories to live on.

“Let’s start the conversation about how we hope to be remembered and whether we too can leave the world a better place.”

About the research

Polling was conducted online by Opinium in August 2023, with 2,000 UK adults. There were 1014 men polled, and 975 women. 790 respondents were 40 or under, whilst 1210 were over 40.