African Children’s Fund works with grassroots partners in education and children’s rights in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe to make a real difference to the lives of almost 4,000 children born into poverty every year.

Helping children off the streets and into school gives them a chance to improve their lives and build a better future.

A Headteacher at a Kenyan primary school first told us what stopped children attending his school: the first is a lack of food, meaning children have to work, scavenge or beg on the streets, or be hungry at school. The second is the unaffordability of sanitary protection for adolescent girls, forcing them to miss a week’s school each month.

Once these causes were identified, the solutions were not difficult – providing school meals and sanitary towels have proved effective in ensuring children have the chance of a full-time education and the skills to build a better life for themselves.

Other local initiatives include a nursery school and sanitary towels programme in Tanzania; legal aid for children and families in Kenya and Tanzania; the provision of educational resources and counselling for children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe; and slum dweller education forums in Uganda.

Leaving a gift in your Will leaves a lasting memory and makes a real difference to children in Africa.

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