Our mission is to end the farming of bears for bile in Vietnam and China, provide sanctuary for bears, end the suffering of wild animals in captivity, and ensure humane treatment of dogs and cats.

Across Asia, thousands of bears are still imprisoned in tiny cages on bile farms where they are harvested for their bile using painful and invasive methods. Most farmed bears are starved, dehydrated and suffer multiple diseases. Many old or very sick bears, who are no longer producing bile, are simply left to starve to death in their cages.

Make the gift of a lifetime and help continue the fight to save the abused animals of Asia. Your gift will make sure that your love for them lives on. 

You will be making the ultimate promise to these gentle bears and helping to make sure we can always be there for animals in need.

Our promise to you is that we won't stop until every last bear is free. From bears who are callously tortured for their bile and left to die a lonely death, to the dogs and cats snatched from the streets and slaughtered for food, your gift will mean we can continue to defend and rescue innocent animals on your behalf, and in your name.

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