BRAVEHOUND supports military veterans from all three branches of the Armed Forces who live with a diagnosis of a significant mental health need, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or have cognitive impairment due to head injury, all related to their military service.

Some have additional physical injuries, including amputees. BRAVEHOND also supports family members.

BRAVEHOUND provides assistance dogs and all of the required training and welfare support needed over each dog’s lifetime. Our support is both intensive and long term.

A BRAVEHOUND dog gives each isolated veteran round the clock companionship, a reason to get out into the community as well as a structure and purpose to each day.

Being part of the supportive BRAVEHOUND community enables veterans who have lost confidence, to get back into the activities they once enjoyed, to find new interests and build new relationships. Many of the veterans we have partnered with a BRAVEHOUND have stated that they would not be here if it were not for their BRAVEHOUND dog.

BRAVEHOUND improves the quality of veterans lives, gives them confidence and a sense of belonging. Our BRAVEHOUNDs reduce isolation and save lives.

BRAVEHOUND’s commitment to each veteran and BRAVEHOUND dog continues over each dog’s lifetime. We to endeavor to provide another BRAVEHOUND to continue our support when a BRAVEHOUND retires or reaches the end of their life.

Gifts in Wills enable BRAVEHOUND to provide  lifechanging, lifesaving support now and into the future.