Our mission is to fund vital clinical research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of pets, so that vets always have the knowledge they need to counter the distress and pain caused by those diseases.

To achieve our aim, we award grants to researchers in universities, research organisations and veterinary practices, enabling veterinary surgeons, vet nurses and academics to advance clinical investigations into the problems associated with pet animal medicine and surgery. The studies we fund are undertaken to the highest ethical, scientific and veterinary standards, involving no experimental animals.

Over the past 50 years we have invested more than £2 million in research and training programmes in areas as diverse as kidney disease, anaemia, diabetes, feline leukaemia, deafness, cancer and heart disease.

Gifts in Wills allow us to fund around one-third of our projects, providing crucial support for veterinary research and training long into the future.

Together we can help our companion animals live longer, fuller and healthier lives.