You can provide a lasting legacy of hope for future generations by leaving a gift in your Will to Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG).

CPAG is the UK’s leading charity working to prevent and end child poverty – for good. Our vision is a society free of child poverty. One where children can enjoy a childhood free of financial hardship. And where they have a fair chance in life to reach their full potential.

Poverty is not inevitable. You may know of the devastating impact it has on children’s lives. CPAG works to understand what causes poverty, how we can prevent and solve it – for good. We devise and promote solutions we know will help lift children out of poverty. We provide trusted advice so families in poverty get the financial support they need.

A gift in your Will could help ensure every child in our country has the opportunity to do well in life. With your help, we won’t rest until we end child poverty – once and for all.

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