I hope it, I Will it.

Hope is an unstoppable force that unites us and fuels action. Our work is only possible because people like you put their hope into action. This work has already made an incredible difference to so many people.

It’s a sad fact that in many parts of our world, poverty and injustice continue to be the daily experience of millions. We work to make a difference to those communities, from responding to a disaster, to supporting people’s livelihoods. But we also work to overcome the root causes of poverty, whether that’s the marginalisation of women, or the vast disparities in economic power.

We work with partner organisations who understand local contexts and can reach communities in some of the world’s most difficult environments. We work with and for people of all faiths, to create lasting change.

Gifts in Wills make up more than a third of the voluntary donations given to Christian Aid.

These gifts are from supporters like you, and they are empowering communities to break free from poverty and thrive for generations to come.

By  leaving a gift in your Will to Christian Aid you can take a lifetime of hope and turn it into change that matters. You can turn your hope for the future into action, creating everlasting change, far beyond your lifetime. If you hope for change in the world, please Will it. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.