Nearly five million people are living with diabetes in the UK.

That means living with frustrations, targets and tests, day in, day out. There are no days off and there’s no cure.

Millions more people are moving towards a type 2 diabetes diagnosis, often without knowing it. Without the right care or a timely diagnosis, diabetes can lead to serious complications, like amputations, blindness and heart disease.

As the UK’s leading diabetes charity, it’s our job to change this. We fight for better care, support and treatment for everyone affected by diabetes. We invest in life-changing research to find a cure and make living with diabetes easier. And we raise awareness to prevent millions from receiving a devastating diagnosis.

We can only create a world where diabetes can do no harm with your help.

Each year, gifts in Wills help to fund almost 40% of our ground-breaking diabetes research and support people living with diabetes in the UK.

With a gift in your Will, you can change what having diabetes means for future generations and help create a world where diabetes can do no harm.