For 30 years, Friends of the Animals has had a constant stream of: neglected, sick, injured and unwanted animals and every year, veterinary treatment is our biggest outgoing.

From humble beginnings, thanks to our supporters’ generosity and kindness, we have:

Found caring, responsible forever homes for 9,400 animals

Distributed an incredible 1,682,000 items of pet food.

Had 40,000 + animals spayed / neutered.

Wormed, de-flea’d and inoculated many thousands more – often for the first time in their lives !

For seventeen years, we have also funded veterinary treatment, feed and shearing at a Sanctuary in Warwickshire, where there are currently 490 resident animals.

Veterinary treatment is our biggest outgoing and one in three veterinary treatments is paid for by a legacy.

We truly appreciate your support, and work hard to ensure that we get the very best possible from every penny donated.

Please help us to continue and expand this work.

Free newsletter (all nice stories) and / or a copy of our DVD sent with pleasure. Just ring us on 01983-522-511

Thank you.

Helen Sinclair MBE (Invested for services to animal welfare)


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