Helpful Hounds is a Mental Health Charity dedicated to providing solutions via training and socialising Assistance Dogs for:
  • Young People who are Physically Disabled, have Autism, Down’s Syndrome, PTSD, or other emotional issues.
  • Where appropriate we will additionally train an Assistance Dog to perform an alert function, whether that be for medical conditions or to help with hearing issues.
  • Schools that are Special Needs or have Special Needs Departments or Students.
  • Adults that are living with similar conditions and are having difficulty in replacing an existing dog or applying for their first dog elsewhere.

Your legacy can literally change the lives of families dealing with autism, Downe’s Syndrome, or Physical Disablement.

Your Legacy will help more young people like Becky:

“Before getting Toby my daughter was in a dark place. She has Autism and can suffer badly with anxiety, depression and behavioural problems. Becky desperately wanted a friend, she has so much love to give, but finds socialising really hard. When we got Toby our expectations were low, all we wanted was a loyal friend for Becky. Amazingly, he exceeded our only expectation very quickly. He is so much more than a friend. And what I didn’t realise was how much we all needed Toby in our family.

This last year has been Becky’s best at school. Her behaviour has been incredible. She has friends. She can go shopping (she likes shopping!). She has started an after-school club. Her confidence has grown so much”