“I experienced laughter during chemotherapy – surely everyone should have this.”

Our mission is to make a difference to the way cancer treatment is delivered; giving the gift of time to patients so they can spend it wisely, with those that they love. Our Mobile Cancer Care Units help patients to fit their treatment in to their lives, not the other way round.

We bring our fleet of Mobile Cancer Care Units (MCCUs) into the heart of communities, and by working closely with NHS Trusts throughout the country, we work together to help as many people as possible.

Once on board on one of our Units, people receive the same exceptional care, just as they would in hospital. Because of the less clinical, stress-free environment on board the Units, the specialist nurses on board say that many patients can tolerate their treatments better. Our units are easily accessible, stationed in convenient, large spaces like those in a supermarket or local doctors’ car park.

Our patients tell us how wonderful it is to be able to spend time talking to the nurses, to share stories and to build special friendships with other cancer patients who live locally to them.

You can leave a legacy of hope for people living with cancer. Legacies provide the vital funds needed to build new Units and keep the wheels turning, ensuring we can help as many patients as possible.