We support charities that rescue, rehabilitate, release and rehome animals.

By giving to smaller organisations, relatively modest grants can have a significant impact on the lives of animals and the people who care for them.

Founded in 1982 by Mrs Jean Sainsbury (no relation to the supermarket family) the Trust has given just over £12 million to over a 1000 charities. Originally, the focus was on charities working in the UK, but in 2015 a substantial legacy in memory of Joyce Evelyn Shuman allowed the Trust to expand and to include UK registered charities working overseas.

The Trust helps a wide range of animals in an incredible range of situations and habitats. From abandoned strays rescued from ‘death row ‘ pounds, to protecting rhinos from poachers in South Africa, charities we support work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcomes for animals in their care.

Around the world - in the wild, in conservation areas, rescues, shelters and in loving homes - animals have benefitted from the generosity of Mrs Sainsbury,  Mr and Mrs Shuman, and other kind donors. A gift from you will enable us to continue and expand this remarkable and much needed work.


In 2023 the Trust celebrated its 40th Anniversary, donating nearly a million pounds.

Legacies helped fund £412,000 of additional awards, supporting 43 diverse projects around the world such as new kennels for rescue dogs in Nottinghamshire, hospital rescue tuk-tuks in Sri Lanka, and specialist training at a Gloucestershire based hedgehog rescue.