Kidneys for Life fund research that focusses on improving the early detection of kidney disease, developing new dialysis and transplantation techniques and prolonging the life of a transplanted kidney.

There is no cure for kidney disease – only treatments. For many a transplant is the best treatment but on average a transplanted kidney only lasts for 15 years.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that a transplanted kidney really does last a lifetime.

In addition, for many kidney patients, transplantation is not an option so it’s our goal to make dialysis treatment the best it can possibly be. Through research and innovation we want to reach the point where kidney patients have control over their dialysis treatment and no longer have to fit their lives around dialysis.

Leaving a gift in your will to Kidneys for Life will help us to make a difference for the future.

We are a small charity so your gift, no matter how small, will make a difference to us.

It is a lasting way that you can help us. A gift of any size in your will enables us to fund vital research that could have a life changing effect on kidneys patients not just in the North West but globally. 

Your legacy will go on supporting people far into the future and is therefore a gift beyond your time.

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