Learning Disability Network London (formerly the Westminster Society) is a charity which supports adults and children with learning disabilities and their families in five boroughs across London.

We provide a range of support, from a few hours a week up to round-the clock care.

We are driven by the belief that every person with a learning disability has the right to live a full, safe, healthy and inclusive life.

We support people with learning disabilities across London to live healthy and safe lives, whether they are living independently or share their home with other people.

We support people with a wide range of learning disabilities or intellectual disabilities. This includes Down’s Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome, and many other learning disabilities, and autism.

We support people to be independent and make their own choices, no matter their level of disability. We help people to live a good life and do the things that are meaningful for them.

We raise awareness and fundraise so people with learning disabilities are included and valued as equal citizens and have the same opportunities that everyone should.

At LDN London we have been supporting and celebrating people with learning disabilities for 60 years.

From the beginning we have been a bedrock of support for people with all kinds of learning disabilities. We have supported them when they have desperately needed us, including when they faced discrimination. We have helped people to overcome barriers, live fulfilled lives and have the opportunities they should have every day.

Leaving a gift to LDN London will help us to continue to do this for another 60 years and beyond.