Life-changing support for Andy

I love it here and I have lots of friends. There’s something to do every day

Every parent wants their child to be happy and healthy. For Kevin and Shirley, taking care of their son Andy, 45, who has learning difficulties and autism, was an increasing worry as they grew older.

Living at home, Andy had become frustrated and unhappy, growing lethargic and gaining weight. As Andy struggles to express himself, his parents felt unsure of the best way forward. They thought maybe he just wanted his own place, but couldn’t put it into words.

“We’d taken care of Andy for more than 40 years and we always did everything together, but as we got older it was harder to keep up with him,” says Kevin. “I didn’t want Andy to live anywhere else, but we heard about The Rossendale Trust.”

“When we asked the Trust to help find a home for Andy, they took great care to find the right place,” adds Shirley. “They wanted to make sure he was happy and would fit in.”

Within six months of moving into a shared house, Andy was a changed man, cheerful and energetic with a zest for life.

Embracing everyday tasks like shopping, cleaning and gardening, Andy took control of his health and learnt how to cook healthy meals.

Most importantly, Andy’s relationship with his family was restored and he now enjoys spending time with his parents before heading back to his own home.

“I’m very proud of my room,” says Andy. “I love it here and I have lots of friends. There’s something to do every day and it helps keep me out of trouble.”

The Rossendale Trust

The Rossendale Trust provides care and support to adults with learning and physical disabilities, helping them to take ownership of their own lives.

The charity aims to create an environment where everyone is encouraged to reach their full potential.

The power of gifts in Wills

Leaving a gift in your Will to the Rossendale Trust can be life-changing for people with disabilities.

Every gift, small or large, gives people like Andy a chance to enjoy a greater level of independence, build new skills and grow in confidence.

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The Rossendale Trust have partnered with Farewill so that you can write your Will for free. Get started here:

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