Where will your ripples end?

Where will your ripples end?

Tenneh rows to school in her canoe, made from a tree trunk, carved smooth. She never rows in her uniform. She doesn’t want it to get wet.

Her school is one of ten in Sierra Leone’s Pujehun district. They’re all in small communities along a river and can only be reached by boat.

“The school is beautiful,” says Tenneh. “I love social studies very much. I want to be a nurse.”

But that ambition wasn’t possible for Tenneh just three years ago. Then two things changed. First, Save the Children refurbished every school in Pujehun with libraries, toilets, and furniture.  

Then we trained teachers. Mr Kemoh was one of them, and that sparked a crucial moment.

“I used to travel around the villages to meet children who could not come to school,” says Mr Kemoh. “I found Tenneh sitting down and asked her, ‘why are you not in school?!’ Her mother told me she doesn’t have any means to pay for school. I told her that education is free.”

“Save the Children has given them books, uniforms, shoes, a lot of things that inspire them to learn more.” Wraparound support like that simply isn’t possible without the generosity of people who leave a gift in their will.

By joining them, you can keep that spirit of possibility alive.

“I want to see Tenneh achieve her education,” says Mr Kemoh. “That will be one of my legacies.”

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