Will 2017 be the year of legacies?

Here are my top 5 predictions for 2017 - could it be the year of legacies?

More growth The legacy market will continue to grow. Our latest figures show about 16% of the UK claim to have left a gift in their Will. But even more say that they’re considering or preparing to do it. More charities will have the conversation for the first time We’ll see an even greater diversity of charities who are promoting legacies for the first time: hospices; arts, cultural and heritage organisations; local causes. More charities will benefit from a legacy for the first time 2015 saw a 10% increase in the number of charities who benefited from a legacy for the first time. This trend will continue in 2017. Perhaps to record levels. More competition The legacy donor will donate to three charities, on average. They will no longer just support the big charities; they’ll also leave gifts to their small, local and niche cause charities. But still too many charities will punch below their weight Too many fundraising charities will continue to focus on the short-term at the expense of other areas of fundraising, such as legacies. 2017: The year of legacies? If it’s not, there’s still time to rewrite your new year fundraising resolutions… Rob Cope, director at Remember A Charity Blog originally published by the Institute of Fundraising

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