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Join the Campaign Supporter Scheme and help your clients include everything they care about in their Wills. 

Together we can change things for good

Your organisation can help UK charities by joining our free Campaign Supporter scheme. It’s free to join and your details will be displayed in our public directory of solicitors and Will-writers, which the Will-writing public use to search for advisors in their local area. 

As a Campaign Supporter, all we ask for is that you make your clients aware that leaving a gift to charity in their Will is an option.

With your help, we can encourage more people to consider leaving a charitable gift to their favourite charities in their Will, after they’ve looked after family and friends.

Benefits of our Campaign Supporter scheme

Who's in?

We only recommend trusted legal professionals to the Will-writing public, so there are a few things we need to tick off before you join. 

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If you're interested in joining, please fill in the form below and we'll get back to you with everything you need to know about becoming a Campaign Supporter. 

Please note: Remember A Charity reserves the right to refuse or withdraw approval of membership of the Campaign Supporter scheme at any time.