Choosing the right Will-writing partner

To help charities select the right Will-writing partner we have produced the following brief guide to assist in the understanding of leading supplier services.

The full survey and a summary of the leading Will-writing providers are available to Remember A Charity members in the accompanying directory within the Members’ Area. If you are a non-member but want to know more about this resource, please get in touch.



Why have we produced this guidance?

The number of Will-writing providers is growing and so does the range of services on offer. A good Will-writing partner can enable charities not only reach new supporters but also offer the Will-writing service that meets their needs.
In the current unregulated Will-writing marketplace it can be difficult for the public and charities alike to identify the right service provider to meet their needs.

Inevitably, different Will-writing services will be right for different people. One of the biggest challenges is that it is not always clear how each Will-writing service differs or what level of legal expertise they offer. In all cases, the public needs to be confident that their final wishes will be met. A Will that lacks rigour can mean that assets may not be allocated as intended and is far more likely to be disputed.


Why select a Will-writing partner?

The UK’s legacy market is growing, with more and more people choosing to benefit the good causes they care about in their Will, hoping to have a lasting impact on the world long after they are gone. Legacy donations now generate over £3 billion for charities each year and yet the potential is far greater.

A strong charity partnership with a Will-writing provider will make it easier for the public to write their Will, raise the profile of the charity and encourage legacy donations, but above all, it will provide a trusted and secure service, protecting supporters and estate beneficiaries alike.

One of the biggest challenges is that it isn’t always clear how each Will-writing service differs or what level of legal expertise or regulation is provided.  With charities’ increased reliance on legacy income, rapid growth in Will providers and contested estates, it has never been more important that charities offering Will-writing services work with a suitable partner.


Questions to consider when choosing a Will-writing partner

This is a short checklist of the factors to consider when choosing a partner:

  • How is the service delivered; face-to-face, telephone or online?
  • What does it cost and what services are included?
  • Does the provider have the expertise to handle complex estates?
  • Are fully qualified legal professionals involved in this process and at what level?
  • Is the service regulated?
  • How does the provider prompt clients to consider legacy giving?
  • What action will the provider take to ensure that clients have mental capacity to make a Will?
  • How does the provider guard against undue influence of others during Will-writing?
  • Are secure Will storage facilities offered and, if so, at what cost?
  • How will the progress of any Will-writing campaign be tracked?
  • What professional liability insurance does the provider have?
  • What are the risks and opportunities from this partnership?
  • Will this provider protect my supporters and see their final wishes met?


To learn more about leading suppliers and how they differ, please see the accompanying directory within the Members’ Area.