Legendary 1960s DJ Emperor Rosko calls on public to leave a gift in their Will

7 September 2017

Emperor Rosko, the legendary 1960’s DJ who made his name on pirate station Radio Caroline, spectacularly announced his return to broadcasting for Remember A Charity Week. 

Rosko, who was also one of the founding DJ’s of Radio 1, announced his return sailing a replica Radio Caroline ship down the Thames to Tower Bridge.

Rosko marked his return to launch Last Pirate FM, a DAB community radio station, to mark Remember A Charity in Your Will Week 2017.

Last Pirate FM saw exclusive live broadcasts with Rosko, along with original Radio Caroline presenters including Tony Prince and Keith Skues.

Guests on Last Pirate FM included legendary Beatle Ringo Starr and fashion icon Twiggy.

Fans of the 60s icons can listen again to all the shows online at www.mixcloud.com/lastpirate

It is hoped that by celebrating the legacy of the swinging sixties, the baby boomer generation who grew up with the likes of Emperor Rosko & Tony Prince, will be encouraged to leave their own legacy to the next generation by leaving a gift in their Will.

Emperor Rosko comments, ‘ I am delighted to be back in the UK to launch Last Pirate FM. I loved my time here in the 1960’s and 1970’s, so the chance to come back to do on a radio roadshow that celebrates the best of that era was too good an opportunity to turn down. I look forward to visiting some of my old UK haunts and encouraging people to have their say on the world they want to pass on.’