How much does it cost to make a Will?

We explain everything you need to know about the costs involved with making a Will.

How much does it cost to make a Will?

The cost of a Will also depends on a few factors, namely what type of Will you’re looking to write.

Typically, there are single Wills, mirror Wills and living Wills, all of which serve slightly different purposes. The average costs of making a Will are as follows:

Single Wills

Written for just one person, but can be used whether you have a partner or not, as it merely references your assets rather than including your partner’s assets too. Single Wills typically cost roughly £150.

Mirror Will

Also called joint Wills, this type of Will is used by couples who have similar wishes in both of their Wills. Couples do not have to be married to enter into a mirror Will. Often two mirror Wills may be exactly the same with the exception of the person named in the Will. Mirror Wills usually cost around £250, making it cheaper than having two single Wills.

Living Wills

Living Wills allow you to communicate your wishes regarding medical treatment should you be unable to express your intent (e.g. do-not-resuscitate orders). Living Wills are separate from the type of Will written to express your wishes for your estate after you pass away, and they tend to cost less than £100.

Cost of making a Will considerations: your financial situation

The cost of writing a Will will also depend on the complexity of your financial situation (i.e. the more assets you have, the higher the cost of the Will).

For example, a single Will with few assets could cost under £200. However, a more complex Will, perhaps one that shields your assets until certain conditions are met, may cost around £400.

Furthermore, if you think the value of your assets will come to more than £325,000, you may need to seek additional advice from a professional advisor, again meaning that the cost of making your Will is likely to increase. Anyone with significant assets or trusts including multiple assets (e.g. overseas properties) should expect to pay a minimum of £500 for their Will.


Cost of making a Will considerations: Solicitor or Will writer

You need to decide if you’d like your Will written by a solicitor or a Will-writing service. Before choosing an advisor, make sure you fully understand the differences between a Solicitor and Will writing service, to ensure you’re making an informed decision.

While Will writing services are often cheaper, they’re not regulated in the same way as solicitors, so you might not be covered if something goes wrong.

All of the solicitors and Will writers listed in our directory are either members of The Law Society or meet our definition of a qualified Will-writing practitioner.

Do you need a solicitor or Will-writer to create a Will?

A solicitor or Will-writer is not required for you to create a Will, although it is a common method for either to be approached for Will-writing. Instructing either profession takes the difficulty out of Will-Writing making you feel at ease, knowing it’s been completed correctly.

You can decide whether you would like to write your Will or instruct someone to do this for you. If you would like to make sure that legally your Will is accurate then you might find a solicitor is your best option, particularly if you have a more complex Will.

However, a will-writer is still an option. Ultimately, the decision on who creates your Will, is up to you and completely your choice.


How much does it cost to make a Will yourself?

The cost to make a Will varies based on whether you instruct a service to write this for you or whether you write it yourself. Typically, the cost to use an online platform to write your Will yourself can cost around £30 though your Will may not be regulated using such service. 


Cost of making a Will: examples

When it comes to making a Will, it’s important to understand that the cost will vary depending on your situation. Here are some examples for you to consider the varying costs associated with making a Will:

Cost of making a Will - example 1

Your situation has enabled you to completely settle your mortgage, while having a healthy pension and savings put away. You want to prepare a Will with your husband, to make sure your assets are left to your children. 

This would simply require a mirrored Will if you and your husband were happy to have a joint Will, which would cost you in the region of £250. 

Should you still be in this situation but wanted to create separate Wills as you had individual assets but were still married, then you would simply be looking at having a single Will created for each of you. Having two single Wills created will cost in the region of £150 each or £300 altogether. 

Cost of making a Will - example 2

You want to prepare a Will and ensure your assets are with your child but your child will need support in managing the financial assets; this can then be left to your child through a trust in your Will. 

Working with a solicitor to create your Will would be advised to ensure that the process is properly set up and structured.

The cost of your Will here will be £150 as it would be classed as a single Will. However, there are likely to be additional costs as you would be setting up a trust. The additional costs will come down to your chosen solicitor.

Cost of making a Will - example 3

You have an estate to manage but think you might need help managing your assets in the future, you can then appoint a lasting power of attorney for this in your Will.

The cost of your Will here would be around £150 if you were to have a single Will created. However, this scenario could also be instructed under a living Will and depending on the complexity of the estate that requires managing, the living Will could cost in the region of £100 to £400.


How can I pay for my Will?

First and foremost, you can usually help reduce the cost of making a Will by deciding what you’d like to include before meeting with an advisor. Try using a handy guide like our Will Writing Checklist to work out where to start.

Free Wills 

There are several ways you can get your Will written for free, although there are usually a few conditions that will need to be met.

Will-writing charities

A common way of making a Will without paying a set fee is to use charities offering free Will writing services who only ask for a suggested donation in return. Although this may be a viable option if your estate is relatively straightforward, anyone with more complex finances as described above won’t be eligible for this service.

Free Wills Month

Free Wills Month takes place every March and October, giving anyone over 55 the chance to have a simple Will written or updated. The service is paid for by participating charities, and the hope is that you leave a gift in your Will to charity but there is no obligation to do this. For more information read our guide on Free Wills Month

Will Aid

Will Aid runs every November, and, similar to Free Wills Month, the service enables people to get a basic Will. The charity works in partnership with a few solicitors to provide basic Wills to those who need them in exchange for a donation. It is suggested that a donation of £95 is made for a single Will and a donation of £150 is made for two mirror Wills. Even though up to 1,000 solicitors take part in Will Aid, your best bet is to book in advance as the scheme tends to fill up fast.

Will Relief Scotland

Given that Scottish Wills can be slightly different to those in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, a specialist service runs each September for any resident of Scotland to obtain a free Will. Suggested donations for Will Relief Scotland start at £80 for a single Will and £120 for a mirror Will.

Trade unions

Members of many trade unions are often eligible for free Wills or discounted rates for Will-writing services. The following unions offer some form of Will writing or advice to their members, so to find out what your union offers, follow the links below:

Insurance cover

Some insurance companies include legal cover as a part of your home or car insurance, and in some instances, this will also extend to Will writing services. With various policies on offer and many options available within each plan, if you’re unsure of whether you’re eligible for a free Will writing service, get in touch with your insurer to receive more information.

The Wills offered by insurance companies will typically only cover simple circumstances, but even if you require a more complex Will writing service, this can be an excellent way to see where you stand.

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