A healthier, happier future - breaking the cycle of domestic abuse

Eloise and Andreas were determined to break the cycle of domestic abuse that had impacted their family for generations.

By the time Andreas and Eloise met, Andreas had an extensive history of criminal activity with over 40 convictions and 100 other offences, including assault. He’d been in prison several times and was considered a significant risk to women and children by local services.

Eloise had children from previous relationships who had witnessed domestic abuse in the household and, as a result, had significant behavioural issues. Children’s Services were working closely with the family due to the vulnerable position the children were in and to support Eloise, who had long-term mental health issues caused by these experiences.

Children’s Services felt that, due to his past, Andreas should not have contact with Eloise’s children. But when Eloise and Andreas found out they were expecting a baby together, they knew they had to break the negative cycle they had found themselves in, for the future of their family. It was at this point that Eloise and Andreas turned to For Baby’s Sake.

For Baby’s Sake

For Baby’s Sake supports families to break the cycle of domestic abuse and give babies the best start in life. They do this by providing intensive therapeutic care to both parents, addressing the root causes of abuse to help bring about positive change.

Therapeutic support provides a breakthrough

Andreas and Eloise both engaged positively from the outset with each of their own therapeutic practitioners. Eloise was helped to address her negative experiences and received practical support on safety planning and risk management.

Andreas was finally able to address his abusive behaviours and the impact they were having on his partner and the children.

By addressing the trauma and abuse Andreas  experienced himself as a child, he began to recognise the impact that his childhood experiences had on his life each day—causing self-sabotaging behaviours, hostility, destructive symptoms and violent aggression.

After two years of ongoing support, Andres had a breakthrough. “I understand why I felt like I did and that I don’t need to have those feelings now," says Andreas. "Now I realise I targeted small vulnerable women as I could control them – I no longer need to do that.”

A new start for the family

Through ongoing hard work with both parents, and promoting sensitive parenting and bonding with their new baby, the family have transformed their lives and created a new narrative for themselves—one full of happier, healthier relationships.

For Baby’s Sake supported the family with supervised visits for Andreas to see his children. Andreas continues to see his children today, with Eloise now supervising the visits. The children are flourishing and the cycle of abuse has been broken for this family.

By working with The For Baby’s Sake Trust, Andreas and Eloise’s new baby has a brighter future ahead, with the chance to thrive without the shadow of domestic abuse.

The change in this family is nothing short of remarkable and shows how a whole-family, therapeutic approach to abuse can make a huge impact.

Supporting For Baby’s Sake

It’s with the generosity of supporters like you that families like the Smiths can overcome unimaginable disadvantages and find a brighter future.

Your support can help rewrite the course of a family’s life, helping them to break the cycle of domestic abuse and giving their baby the best start in life.

Leaving a gift in your Will

Remembering The For Baby’s Sake Trust in your will with a gift, large or small, can leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Please consider leaving a gift in your Will to the For Baby’s Sake Trust, to make a difference in the lives of families in the UK.

Find out more

To find out more about leaving a gift in your Will to For Baby's Sake, please visit the For Baby's Sake website or call Dorien at For Baby's Sake on 07702 538097.

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