How gifts in Wills save lives at sea

Six in ten lifeboat launches are only possible thanks to gifts in Wills from RNLI supporters. Here, Morgan shares her story of how one such RNLI rescue saved her father and helped her back to land.

A routine sailing trip takes a distressing turn

It was supposed to be a routine sailing trip from Bangor in Northern Ireland to Aberdaron in Wales. But when Morgan’s father, Patrick, woke her up at 4am, she soon realised something was wrong.


Morgan and her father Patrick (credit: Morgan Johnson)

"I could see we were off course, and he seemed a little confused," says Morgan. "I didn’t really know if he’d taken a fall and got concussion or maybe he’d just woken up, so I sent him down below deck. I soon got the boat back on course and checked on dad, he still seemed confused and wasn’t making much sense."

"I’ve got first aid training and recognised a few signs that something might be wrong. He couldn’t lift his legs up onto the seat and couldn’t raise his arms either – I knew I had to do something."

RNLI to the rescue

Morgan sent a Mayday distress signal to the Coastguard.

Soon, RNLI volunteers from Porthdinllaen were heading to their rescue. Fifteen minutes after they launched, the lifeboat crew arrived on scene, and quickly went into action.

"A crew member came onboard," says Morgan. "I remember her name was Mali and she was just brilliant - calm, kind, caring and just looking after dad so well."

A still from footage showing Patrick being rescued (credit: RNLI)

Mali put her casualty care training into action and began examining Patrick. They knew that they needed to get him to a hospital and quick. A rescue helicopter was requested and the lifeboat crew put Patrick into a position where he could be quickly airlifted off the lifeboat and on to hospital.

Morgan decided to stay behind and get their boat safely back to shore. But she wasn’t alone. Porthdinllaen crew members were with her all the way.

"The RNLI volunteers certainly went above and beyond. From cups of tea, a place to stay, lifts to the hospital and even just a reassuring hug – the care they gave really went beyond the rescue."

Patrick is now on the long road to recovery. But what if the lifeboat crew weren’t able to launch to their rescue? What if Morgan had sent out the call to help and no one was able to answer it?

Saving lives with a gift in your Will

By leaving a gift in your Will to the RNLI, you’ll be helping to provide their lifesavers with what they need to save lives.

The equipment that protects them while they are out at the shout, the training that turns eager recruits into skilled lifesavers, even the lifeboats themselves.

All are only possible thanks to the generosity of supporters like you.

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