The importance of making a Will - no matter your age

Author and Brooke youth ambassador Hannah Russell’s life changed in 2020 when she was diagnosed with Sarcoma cancer.

Hannah wrote her Will aged 26 and has generously left Brooke a gift in her Will, which will help improve the lives of working equines worldwide. Hannah also recently used Brooke’s Free Will Service to update her Will having acquired some new animals at her smallholding in Swinton Green, Yorkshire.

“I have been involved with Brooke for a number of years now and love the impact of the work they do, I only started thinking about my Will after having Sarcoma cancer and wanted to give to charities. Brooke is a charity that is incredibly close to my heart so I wanted to leave something.”


Hannah travelled to Kenya in 2020 to see Brooke’s vital work in the country. She visited children from local schools who were part of Brooke’s Donkey Care Club programme.

“I was spurred on to write my Will after having cancer multiple times, I love all animals in general and imagine throughout my lifetime I will have a lot of them, so it was important that I think about them and make sure that they are also cared for. Writing a Will, no matter how old I am is the best way to ensure they will be cared for.”

Hannah with Pepper and Little Alf, star of her bestselling book series Little Alf and Friends.
Brooke's Free Will Service

Brooke has recently launched a new Free Will Service, which allows you to write a Will at no cost to you, either online, over the phone or face-to-face with a solicitor, so you can remember those close to you and causes that are important to you.

“It’s a great service! Personally, I didn’t know where to start, so having the Free Will service has allowed to process to be easy! I updated my Will using Brooke’s Free Will Service as since I had last updated my Will, I’d acquired a few more animals and wished to add them into my Will too. I found the whole process really user friendly.”

Hannah’s trip to Kenya in 2020 had a particular emphasis on what impact the donkey skin crisis was having on local communities.
Leaving a gift in your Will

Over 50% of Brooke’s income comes from the generosity of supporters who have left a gift to Brooke in their Will, ensuring that the lives of working animals will improve for generations to come.

Find out more

If you, like Hannah, are interested in using Brooke’s Free Will Service, you can find out more information here.

Find out more about Hannah’s work here:

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