Wheels in motion - the gift of freedom for Daisy

Damon and Tracy decided to adopt a dog, Max, after their daughter Daisy had become increasingly withdrawn. The impact was remarkable. Max made Daisy feel incredibly happy and brought out the best in her. Before long the pair became inseparable.

Daisy’s debilitating condition

When Daisy was born it was clear she had a serious health condition. By the age of five, Daisy was unable to eat or drink anything without suffering severe constipation or vomiting.

After countless tests and hospital visits, Daisy was eventually diagnosed with the incurable chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction and had to be fed intravenously.

The condition caused further complications for Daisy including her ability to walk. Over time she became wholly reliant on a wheelchair and, increasingly disheartened by her debilitating condition, Daisy became quiet and withdrawn.

Max and Daisy’s happy bond

When the family adopted a dog, Max, however, both Damon and Tracy noticed a marked difference in Daisy. Max made her incredibly happy, brought out the best in her, and before long the pair became inseparable. In time, he even learned how to assist Daisy with everyday activities, such as removing her socks for her, which proved to be invaluable.


Daisy and Max

Unfortunately, though, Daisy’s wheelchair wasn’t suitable for off-road terrains which made it difficult for her to play with Max and take him on walks. Seeing how much Max had improved Daisy’s life, Damon and Tracy set about looking for a new wheelchair but discovered they weren’t in a position to afford the hefty price tag.

A helping hand

Bank worker Damon first heard about Bank Workers Charity (BWC) through one of his colleagues who suggested he reach out.

Initially, Damon was looking for advice but after having fully explained Daisy’s situation, BWC confirmed that they could help Daisy get a new wheelchair, highlighting that their help and support extended to the dependents of bank workers.

The charity organised for a case worker and occupational therapist to visit Daisy at home to assess her exact needs and subsequently funded an off-road electronic wheelchair that was suitable for different terrains, such as uneven pavements, woodland or the beach.

Daisy’s new-found freedom and independence  

The help and support from BWC has meant that Daisy is now able to enjoy even more time with Max and go wherever she likes. No longer limited by her wheelchair, she has a new-found sense of freedom and independence which is of huge comfort to Damon and Tracy, too.

It’s not just Daisy they’ve helped, it’s the whole family,
Daisy's parents Damon and Tracy
How you can leave a gift in your Will to the Bank Workers Charity

Each year the Bank Workers Charity helps thousands of current and former bank employees and their families through the provision of information, advice, expert support services and in some cases financial assistance.

By leaving a gift in your Will to the Bank Workers Charity, you can help the charity to continue supporting those members of the banking community who need it most.

Visit the Bank Workers Charity website to find out more.

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