The National Holocaust Centre and Museum

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Laxton, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG22 0PA

Each year, The National Holocaust Centre and Museum welcomes some 25,000 visitors, including children, parents, survivors and their families. These visitors have access to unique resources and experiences not available anywhere else in the UK.

Maintaining and developing this unique national space we need to continue to play a positive role in these increasingly uncertain times where community fragmentation and racial tension can be a reality for many.

It is now vital that The National Holocaust Centre and Museum:-

  • Ensure that as the UK’s only Holocaust memorial museum, our special collections, exhibitions and gardens of remembrance are preserved and developed as fitting testaments to the reality of the Holocaust.
  • Extend our education programs, to ensure that parents as well as children can benefit from the significant learning he Holocaust education brings.
  • Ensure that survivors are supported to give their testimony, and that memories are collected carefully, thoughtfully and innovatively for the benefit of future generations.

Each of these elements work together and support each other to provide a moving and personal learning experience like no other.

Help pass survivor stories on to future generations with a gift to The National Holocaust Centre and Museum.

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