National Youth Jazz Orchestra

Charity Number: 274578

Mariana Curado

0207 494 1733

5 Vigo Street, London, N1 9AG

The National Youth Jazz Orchestra (NYJO) believes that every young person should have the opportunity to reach their potential through jazz, no matter where they grow up. Jazz, as a highly communicative and accessible art form, can transform lives. However jazz is underfunded compared to other music genres, and the infrastructure for national jazz education is underdeveloped.

Our training opportunities and network of education partners put NYJO in an important position as the UK’s pre-eminent provider of jazz education.

We currently have over 80 education partnerships, and work with them to develop local provisions and progression routes within jazz for young people all over the country. NYJO’s flagship orchestra comprising musicians aged under 26 offers coaching, development training, and support, acting as a crucial bridge between conservatoire and the music profession. We also operate a weekly Academy for younger musicians at varying levels, providing ensemble, aural and improvisation training.

We strive to extend our reach and our music as widely as possible, to reach as many young people as we can. Your gift will help us take the jazz message to more young people, and level the playing field to ensure every young person can reach their potential through jazz.

Monk, Parker, Coltrane – they all left great jazz legacies. Could you also leave a legacy to jazz?

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